Saturday, December 6, 2008

SWG Thought of the Day: If It's Not the NGE...?

Here we go again. If you've followed along so far, you'll know that I recently took umbrage to having a thread locked based on an arbitrary ruling of "trolling". When I pressed for a better response, I learned that posts regarding the "NGE" are discouraged because (and I perform a translation here) some posters can't control their anger so it's my fault. Not to mention there are "millions of posts about the NGE also". Even though my post was original in my opinion.

My declaration that the current game IS the NGE and that ALL posts could be considered illegal based on the ruling made against me seemed to fall on deaf ears.

So I created a new topic asking the community if they could think of a new term to refer to the current gameplay system. (Because you know, this isn't really the NGE). It was a serious topic and received a few nice suggestions.

Before it was deleted. No explanation. No response when I PM'd Elias.

I could only guess that I should have done a Forum Search first to see if there was a post already. Because you know, there are a million posts out there, according to Mr. Elias.

So I perform a search for the term NGE in the title, ordered by date descending. The only applicable GPD thread regarding the NGE (and was not already locked) was seven pages back in the results; just over two years old.

So now I'm forced to suffer the ambiguous "necro" rule, and maybe even tempt the easily identified "highjacking" rule.

I post again, explaining the situation, and asking the community for an alternative to the term "NGE".

You must know that I am being cordial and mature in my posts. I contain my frustration and anger and try to resolve a serious issue.

So the entire two year old thread gets deleted in a few short minutes. But not before a small group of us decide that SWG:GU is a nice and positive way to refer to the current game implementation. "GU" refers to the fact that this is the Game Update era of SWG. I'll use it. (And that's much better then what I was going to call it: NGE2!) I apologize for not remembering the posters name who suggested this. It is lost in limbo due to the delete.

So what have we learned?

Posts about the NGE are discouraged. Also posts asking for a term other then the NGE are deleted.

Great. Thanks. Well done, Elias. Keep up the good work. And oh, if it gets too hot in the kitchen, be sure to login as SWGMOD002 and hide there while you dish out your censorship and practice your police state.

This whole "forum madness" has really highjacked my Thoughts of the Day. Tomorrow, I'll try to return to game-related topics. On my shortlist is this whole TCG loot debacle that SOE is pulling. I've been venting on the forums already.

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