Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did You Notice: SWG Mods?

It's the first installment of a new feature: Did You Notice? Every now and again, and certainly when the mood strikes me, I'll try to pick out something that I'm not sure others have noticed. Given my recent battles with the SWG Forum Mods, I thought I'd start with them.

Did you ever notice that SWG Mods 001-006 (or however many there are) sometimes type just like Valara and/or Elias?

Valara's posts are generally written in full sentences, usings plenty of "pleases" and ending with a "Thank you!", while Elias writes in a more blunt fashion; far more direct and less friendly.

I guess when they don't want to feel the heat of the kitchen, they put on an anonymous, flame-proof suit and pretend to be someone else.

I mean really, if SOE has so few programmers, why would they invest so much in moderating a forum?

So... did you notice?

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