Sunday, December 21, 2008

SWG Thought of the Day: Equal Time

One of the biggest failings of both the developers and the community is treating the space and ground aspects of Star Wars Galaxies as separate entities. The greatest effort should be made to blur the dividing lines, both perceived and actual.

Space is not only for pilots. Jango Fett is first and foremost a bounty hunter, much as Han Solo is considered a smuggler. Yet both demonstrate an incredible aptitude for piloting ships. Fett hunts his prey in space as well as on the ground, just as Solo's most famous smuggling escapades took place in the spacelanes.

When SOE introduces content, it should update those aspects of SWG that lend itself to the most rewarding and enriching experience. If this includes or precludes space and/or ground in order to support the subject matter at hand, so be it.

Neither space nor ground need "Equal Time" in development since both should be on the "Same Time".

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