Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poll Results: Artoo Where Are You?

The first poll that Artoo has been tasked to analyze attempted to learn what gameplay aspects of Star Wars Galaxies most interests players. Without further ado, here is the official and final tally of the poll: "What Do You Like Most About SWG?"

The most telling statistic I see is (among the few visitors of this blog) that Collecting is the least important aspect of SWG gameplay. It's interesting because SOE has turned this game into a Collection-based game; anywhere from gather collections, kill collections or even through the Trading Card Game.

The number one vote getter is Exploration, which lends itself towards professions that are no longer part of the game (Ranger and Scout). This statistic may also illustrate that many players prefer a solo experience when interacting with the NPC/Creature gaming world.

That is not to say that these players are not social as the second highest vote getters are both Roleplaying and Socializing.

Of those who participated in this poll, we find that players are very casual but yet serious about their in-game experience and immersion. It is important to interact with others who are sharing similar experiences, but also have the opportunity to explore the far reaches of the galaxy and discover new and interesting locations and sights.

I had incorrectly anticipated that Space would receive more votes as this is a gaming system that is quite complex and interactive; from crafting to mastering, the starship system has much to offer. But in the end, only Collecting received fewer votes. This could point towards a problem with space; perhaps a stagnation that has occurred since (essentially) only Collections have been added since the initial release of Jump to Lightspeed. Collections? In Space? Let the poll speak for itself!

PvP made a strong showing after a sluggish start. The poll participants found both PvP and PvE almost as appealing. Throw crafting into the mix with a similar tally and we could surmise that players enjoy gameplay that pits them against both real and artificial opponents in either combat or economic situations.

According to this poll (with its numbers skewed towards those players who visit a very little known blog), SOE should continue to enhance the social and exploration aspects of the game; playing to its strengths so as to not alienate those who feel strongly towards those styles of play. At the same time, SOE should downplay the use of Collections and improve Space to bring it in line with the expectations placed upon other systems. (Imagine, if you will, Scouting or Ranger missions in space - discovering new life forms or hyperspace paths.)

Thanks to everyone who voted, and a special thanks to Artoo for crunching the numbers!

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