Sunday, December 21, 2008

Classic SWG: Factional Pets

Classic SWG is a new feature that will showcase aspects of Star Wars Galaxies from years gone by.

We begin with a screenshot showing Rebel factional pets. Here, Vincer and members of his Squad attack their foes while exploring the planet Lok.

Factional pets were acquired from the various Recruiters around the galaxy. Lok was an extremely dangerous world at the time, and my guild would often make use of factional pets to fill out our ranks and provide additional firepower and tactics.

To deploy a factional pet, you would become visible to the opposing faction, placing yourself at risk. We were happy to find an Rebel Recruiter on Lok that we could safely acquire and deploy our factional pets.

I still have the waypoint to that Recruiter, but he has long since moved on. Until a few months ago, Oobik was still in my datapad and ready for deployment.

These factional pets were nothing when compared to the AT-STs that the Imperials could deploy. That make sense, as the Imperials should have the better toys.

That still did not prevent Vincer and his V-Squad from taking down a few AT-STs when landing on Dantooine and getting ambushed by a player and his Imperial pets. With the help of a Commando (and despite over half the squad making an unexpected trip to the cloners), we won the day. Our trip to the Jedi Temple later on? Well... I think our luck had run out earlier.

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