Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Topics: Appearance Tab

The latest Friday Feature makes official the inclusion of the Appearance Tab into Star Wars Galaxies. Naturally, this becomes a Hot Topic instantly.

There is the predicted lashback coming from the PvP "community" who are afraid that people will be running around Restuss ("Recess") in pink Hawt Pants, but actually be wearing a full set of capped RIS armor.

So what? Why would anyone assume that people are not fully prepared for battle regardless of how they might appear? If you're in a combat situation, you should be as prepared and ready as possible and assume the same of your enemy. Get over yourselves and enjoy this new and welcome addition to the game.

In regards to immersion... sure, pink hawt pants on an Imperial may look (and be) ridiculous, but more folks are going to put together some official looking outfits that will enhance everyones experience. Just ignore those tools that feel the only way to play a game is to ensure everyone is looking at them acting like morons. Just ignore them and they'll not affect your time in the game.

The Appearance Tab is great news; and "early next year" can't come soon enough for Chapter 6 to drop. (And let's not forget the expected fix to the female eye wear as well.)

I submit that Chapter 6 be called: "Attack of AdeptStrain". The guy is on fire and should be given all the free time in the world to enhance the game.

Meanwhile, go thank Valara for this latest Hot Topic.

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