Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Life Day!

It is that time of year again to celebrate Life Day. Despite the Empire's best efforts at containing this traditional Wookiee holiday, citizens of the galaxy - including those at Oracle Base - managed to gear up and head out to spread the holiday cheer.

Vincer and Cyra pose before one of the many Life Day trees that have been decorated for the children. With Imperials about, Vincer takes nothing for granted and keeps his rifle ready. Life Day is a time for all life, including Sox and Amber.

Garova hangs his Holiday Poster in his office, which usually houses many Wookiee keepsakes. Garova is a deeply sentimental Wookiee and knows full well the joy of having a family, both actual and extended.

Not everyone loves Life Day, it would seem. The grumpy Loh'khar helped his servant Cor'qi decorate for Life Day, but only because he was promised gifts afterwards. Cor'qi did not disappoint; Loh'khar loved his Holo Entertainment Table. Cor'qi was delighted to not receive the lump of coal that Loh'khar threatened her with all year.

Garova poses with Murdok in front of a Life Day Tree that he decorated. The children of Doaba Guerfel were overcome with joy to meet Garova and his young pet. Though most of the children couldn't understand Garova's Wookiee-speak, they still listened with great interest as he told the traditional tales before handing out gifts.

No celebration is complete without fireworks. Before the squad from Oracle Base stole away to return to their hidden headquarters, they launched fireworks into the snow-filled sky.

Life Day was another tremendous success, and not even the opressive Empire could ruin the festitivies. Happy Life Day!

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