Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did You Notice: Squadrons Over Corellia

Yeah, I know... it's a dead horse that would be begging for mercy if it could speak. But did you notice that when the Squadrons Over Corellia was announced, the most significant information provided to us from SOE was information about the new loot cards?

There was no mention of any new rules that the game had received (Precise, comes to mind), nor any new characters that could not be inferred from the graphics. No mention of how the new ships could be used from within a card game session. Nothing of the sort unless you dug deeper into some developer and release notes.

Instead, we were hit over the head with the shiny new items, along with the disembodied voice that taunted and cackled at crafters who were left holding their Diner Booth schematic with pained expressions.

And as if that didn't leave a bad enough taste in our mouths, said taste was slapped out when the loading screen into SWG featured the TCG... instead of highlighting the festive and annual Life Day Event that is arguably the most popular of them all. (Also notice that the MotD had no mention of Life Day; one could literally miss the whole event if they were so pressed for time and weren't careful.)

If the TCG is so great (despite it being a copied version of the Legends of Norrah - You grab that profit margin at all costs, SOE) then why must it constantly be about the loot and not the game itself. Build it... and they will come. Trap then... and they will turn away.

Way to promote your card game, SOE.

So... did you notice?

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