Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SWG Thought of the Day: Extra Character Slots

Star Wars Galaxies was far more engaging and complex when every player was afforded but one character slot per server. While other MMOs have typified the concept of having multiple toons, I submit that those other games are to be considered more simplistic and even childlike; appealing to a broader audience that is content with having things easier for the benefit of their own entertainment, rather then a thought-provoking system that entails planning, social interactions, dependencies and patience.

It is too late to return to such a system, and that is mostly because a large portion of the existing playerbase would be unable to adapt, nor should they be expected to.

Perhaps someday an MMO will emerge that shall buck the current trends for the genre and be met with enough success for others to consider that following the gold standard Blizzard example is not the only way to create a successful MMO.

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