Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Nestled away in the river fields north of Coronet, Corellia was the V-Squad Headquarters. With the roster growing to include crafters, it was also turning into a shopping center.

It was many things, but it was home and with each passing adventure, we would turn it into a tribute to our accomplishments.

For instance, one room was a literal drop-off for Rebel and Imperial plans, the squad equivalent of "leave a penny, take a penny" for those disk 4 of 5 collectibles that consumed us.

The back room contained the joint quarters for Vincer and Cyra and their ever-growing glut of gear. Cyra's commemoration to clothing commerce is visible in this picture of her and Vincer's pet Brazen.

Who am I kidding? Vincer's wealth of wearables was easily as large. In his defense, Cyra would borrow his, and never the reverse was true.

Nikki and Phantom maintained offices just down the hall. Phantom took great pride in putting together a very believable and authentic workspace. Eventually both would take up residences in separate buildings that would form what equated to a V-Squad compound.

Switching to the main floor by way of the elevator, there were four rooms in total. One of the side rooms became the official trophy room. Vincer and Phantom spent all night designing the perfect way to show off their fishing conquests.

We placed our holocrons here as well, never truly intending to deliver them as that darksider on Dantooine had asked.

The second small room, on the opposite side of hall from the Trophy Room, was the kitchen, complete with obnoxious orange chairs. Not many meals were served here, as no one ever thought to hire a cook. I'd say we counted our eggs before they hatched, but that would mean we at least had eggs to eat.

In the main chamber, you already know about the round table, where the five founding members sat. The rest was rather sparse as decorating large areas was tricky. But we did try, as shown here with Vincer and Cyra relaxing.

The round table was a special place and memory, but when it was designed we were running at a capacity of five with no idea we would grow larger. Since adding chairs was not only impractical, it would also undermine the very cool concept that Nikki had. Eventually, we added chairs, but arranged them along the sides.

Still, another meeting area was needed; one that could include everyone equally. The back room was setup with a larger table and chairs, enough for all V-Squad members to sit and determine our guild's goals.

The term "larger table" is an understatement. The round table was sized just right, but these new long tables seemed to have a major design flaw. Maybe Vincer' ordered the Wookiee-sized version.

But as with all things in V-Squad, we took nothing too seriously.

Clearly Vincer was in full squad leader mode with his quick thinking. Nikki suggested we get our hands on some Booster Buddies. That was V-Squad for you, immediately making lemonade out of the lemons.

If only some of that lemonade had made it into the kitchen, we'd have had it all figured out.

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