Friday, July 22, 2011

Channeling Our Resources

We looked forward to it every night. The specifics didn't matter, but when the sun began to set on the real world, we were logging into Star Wars Galaxies to play under the twin suns of Tatooine, or maybe the swirled clouds of Corellia.

Nikki was now a frequent joiner, making us a group of four. Grouped up and gathered around the mission terminal, we'd select a direction, pick two missions each and off we'd go.

With little effort, we started to fall into a common strategy. Cyra would tap the lair - we called it "knock on the door", shortened to simply "knock" long before we heard the more commonly used phrase. Nikki would typically close the distance and beat things up, while Shakkara and Vincer would hold back and attack with ranged attacks.

After the fight, we'd tend to our wounds, and return to town only when our battle fatigue started to tally up.

On the particular night meant for this trip down Memory Lane, Nikki had figured out how to create a custom chat channel for us to use. She named it "vsquad" and we all figured out how to join and chat amongst ourselves so no one else could hear our top secret plans (or rather, our persistent chatter, bad puns, movie quotes and poor jokes. I believe the nooges were very much public, however.)

We didn't make much use of the channel after that night. But I include this memory because it was another brick in the wall of our group's foundation. We didn't realize it at the time, but we were well on our way to becoming a guild, complete with a name.

There was still a few things that had to happen before the guild became official. Not least of which was discovering a ghost from my beta past, and permanently losing one of our members only to gain another just moments later.

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