Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Case of the Missing House, Part II

Remember the forgettable Mon Cal that joined us in our trek to find the secret hidden base? (Remember the time I used two oxymorons in one sentence?)

At any rate, this Mon Cal - let's call him "Who Dat" for lack of any further information - was trying to edgewise himself into our friends list. Aside from entertaining us while he was hitting on Nikki (who was a dude at the wheel, as I'm sure you'll remember, but Who Dat didn't know), he wasn't a very redeeming fellow as we were about to find out.

We decided to pool our resources and spring for a small-sized Corellian house. We figured out the upkeep costs and took the plunge to become first-time homeowners in the galaxy. There weren't any tax breaks to be had, but we certainly wanted to break something by the time it was all said and done.

So there I was, with our new deed and everyone in tow. We wanted to pick out the perfect spot, still unaware of the limitations. We were north of Coronet and moving along the river. I'd try to drop it down, but with no luck. A short dash along the water, and another try. No dice.

Who Dat says that he knows how to do it. I give him the deed and he does manage to find us a spot. Back a little further then we had hoped, but there it was... our new base of operations! All two rooms of it! We had a lot of fun running between the rooms, hanging out in front, and just goofing off.

That was the first and last time we enjoyed the house. And it was the last time we ever saw Who Dat.

I never quite understood the motivation or the end result. After his Grand Theft Housing caper, he never logged in again, or at least he never showed up from my Friends List scan for him. Quite curious.

It looked like I'd have to wait a little longer to get that house. Just who was Who Dat? Who knows. In the end... who cared?

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