Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucky be a Lady

There are many ways to enjoy the Star Wars universe: movies, comic books, roleplaying games, video games, novels... lunchboxes. Despite the sheer mass of the source material, Lucasfilms and their numerous subsidiaries manage to keep things fairly cohesive.

At the time I was in beta, I had no real idea how the Star Wars licensing worked. In fact, I still only grasp the basic concepts of it all. So I was quite delighted to learn that Star Wars Galaxies wasn't only going to use material from the classic trilogy, but also borrow from the so-called "Expanded Universe" as well.

I came upon this happy realization while getting lost in the Lucky Despot.

Many of the entertainers and musicians were using the Lucky Despot as their main stage. There were a few regulars in the "band" that I would spend hours hanging out with between adventures. It was amazing to see how they all progressed: with new songs, dances, and special effects. The entertainer system was not something stuck on; it was a fully realized and immersive game unto itself. It was something I knew I had to try someday.

At any rate, I set off to exploring the Lucky Despot one day and was quite pleased to come upon the good Lady Valarian, pictured above. She didn't have much to say, as I recall. But there she was, providing me with a Star Wars geek out moment that I didn't know I had in me.

I'd go on to find other "EU" personalities: Mara Jade, Crev Bombassa, Thracken-Sal Solo, and I recall being told that Thrawn was around somewhere. But as it was beta, he was standing around in his underwear.

At least, I guess it was due to it being beta. Maybe his penchant for indecent exposure is why Palpatine eventually sent him into the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Star Wars Galaxies grew much bigger that day in my mind. With full access to an already deep content pool, the potential for this game was staggering. Thank you for making me first realize this, Lady Valarian.

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