Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be Our Guest

My wife was rolling with her iMac; one of second generation models with a color called "graphite". Every beta invitee was allowed to invite a guest to play along. So that was all she needed to spec out an Alienware so she could play SWG. Heck, I was mothballing my Gateway for a souped up Dell so I could play, too.

SWG was serious business, even in beta. And no expense would be spared. With great anticipation, our new rigs were delivered. In typical fashion, mine came weeks in advance. Sorry my dear!

You can imagine how excited we were when we both could play together. She no longer had to stand over my shoulder and drool with envy as I explored the galaxy.

And so was born Cyra Sedaris, or at least Seera Sedaris since the name was already taken. My wife used Cyra in our offline pen-and-paper game, just as I did Vincer. They were fully fleshed out characters, complete with backstory and personalities all their own.

Pictured above is Cyra relaxing in a Med Center. By squinting my eyes at the text, I'm reminded that I was also dabbling in Medic at the time. So I guess I finally figured out just why my HAM bars were only half-colored! Live and learn. Or in this case, it was probably "die and learn". Healer, heal thyself.

Cyra/Seera was always meant to be a Smuggler. But much as I had a very clear concept of what Vincer was supposed to be, the number of choices were too much to bear. We'd try just about everything we could. I think we both really liked Scout.

But none of it really mattered. Vincer and Cyra (Or Vincer- and Seera, if you prefer) were together in Star Wars Galaxies. It almost felt like a dream come true.

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