Friday, July 31, 2009

Vincer's Journal: Infestation

Some time ago, I made an alliance with the leader of the hidden, underground village in the Myyydril caverns, and specifically earned the trust and favor of their leader Chief Kallaarac. My mission of tracking down the forged credits, led me to the Kashyyyk system so I decided to visit my friend to exchange information.

The Chief was distraught at a recent turn of events. The dangerous urnsor'i beetles had multiplied in number and were threatening to overtake their peaceful way of life. Without even thinking twice - something I came to regret - I volunteered to stop the beetle's advance.

Little did I realize how complete their migration was. Already they were laying eggs in the caverns that lay just across the bridge from the village. Unprepared for their - shall we say - motherly instincts to protect their young, I was overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

The chief's concern and alarm were clarified.

I enlisted the help of a medic from Tatooine, an old friend of my daughters. If sheer firepower would not be sufficient, perhaps her use of poisons as well as her timely application of bacta kits could be enough to stop the infestation.

The Chief was delighted to learn that this line of thinking was correct. Working closely with the Wookiee leader, we thinned the beetle's numbers, destroyed a good portion of their eggs, and even located and destroyed their Queen. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the resources we took from their carcasses; especially the purple cut gemstones that infrequently could be found.

With the village saved, we both made use of the Mystical Stone to find our way back out of the caverns, and not empty handed at all. As it turns out, beetle parts sell for a pretty credit at the Wookiee Trading Company.

But the gems? We kept those for ourselves.

(OOC) Perhaps you would like a chance to relive this adventure, recommended for a group of level 75s.

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