Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Holiday Madness!

Another real life holiday, another in-game event. Enough is enough, really. Sure, it's nice that we've got something new to do, if only for 24 hours. (And for what it's worth, I like the exclusivity; the small window of opportunity.) But just once... no, actually I mean more then once; quite often; and at no set interval... I'd like to see some in-game events that have absolutely nothing to do with real life holidays and absolutely everything to do with the fantasy world of Star Wars.

Not one to sit back and and make wild demands only, I present a few ideas to chew on.
  • AT-ATs march on Anchorhead. Double GCW rewards for Special Forces, plenty of combatant opportunities including specific missions for both varieties of GCW involvement.
  • Geonosians attempt to gather DNA samples from Rancors near the Science Outpost on Dathomir. The Witches aren't none too pleased leading to a battleground between the two. Choose a side!
  • Valarian gathers her loyalists together to blow up Jabba's spaceport facility. They set charges and then steal into space. Jabba, meanwhile, calls on his best smugglers to intercept them in the orbit around Tatooine.
  • The Queen of Naboo hires entertainers to perform at a Theater on Theed. The audience will have different demands depending upon the time of day. Those successful shall receive temporary items that color the entertainer hologram performers.
  • The Rebels are in dire need of supplies. Crafters need to gather specific resources, craft items needed by the Alliance Requisition branch of the Rebellion and find a way to deliver the goods to any one of numerous random rendezvous points.

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