Monday, March 30, 2009

Did You Notice: Waypoint Macros

Did you notice that you can create multiple waypoints at once by using a macro?

I needed to create numerous waypoints out of one of the SWG Collection Guides that can be found on the forums. For some reason, getting the copy/paste to work into the chatbox was fruitless. What to do; what to do, indeed?

I found that I could paste the waypoints into a new macro, then trigger it to create all the waypoints at once. Not to shabby! Within a few minutes, I was out and about, collecting rare weapons and armor around Corellia.

I even came to a location I've never seen before. In the western mountains of Corellia, within swoopbike distance from the Rebel Base, I came upon a strange structure guarded by mercenaries and a Sullustan who claimed to be a fallen padawan.

Forced to fight the unexpected lot, my droid Jones and I cleared them off. Turns out there is a pile of bones at the top that hides the remains of a Rebel; probably the last one who found the strange structure before I stumbled upon it.

That sort of thing is still what puts SWG so far ahead of the competition; that to this day a Beta 3 player can still be delightfully suprised at finding something new.

Waypoints macros and Sullustan fallen padawans? So... did you notice?

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