Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Somewhat Like Old Times

With the Free Character Transfer Service in full swing, and the new Appearance Tab, the servers are buzzing with excitement and activity. Some of the shops I've visited have had multiple customers browsing the wares and even interacting. I've also seen transferees fitting into their new homes, recognizing old faces that came with them, and making new friends.

This isn't the "Cure All" for what SWG needs, but damn if it isn't a step in the right direction. In just two days SOE has given us new levels of customization and then turned around and helped bring the community closer together via the transfers.

If they can just nail the Player City update, we'll have a re-energized population ready to take this game back in a positive direction. Well done, SOE. Well done!

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