Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poll Results: What Did You Do For Life Day?

Life Day is over for another season, and from the general feedback heard around the galaxy it would seem that this year was the most exciting and well-received yet. Artoo has been asked to analyze the data gathered regarding what everyone did for this festive event.

Of visitors participating in this poll, the vast majority respected the Wookiee Life Day tradition of decorating Wroshyr Trees. Over twice as many were in the giving mood then those who stomped presents into bits and pieces. (Could it be said that Rebels prefer answering polls 2 to 1 compared with Imperials?)

Regardless of political views, Rebel sympathizers and Imperials alike took advantage of some of the new and unique gifts and decorated their home. From the young Wroshyr trees to the presents, holo table to the proton chair, there were many opportunities to make ones home a festive place. Maybe the Imperials didn't stomp all the presents, but stole a few for their homes!

Life Day is more then just trimming trees, smashing presents or decorating houses. Going on active Special Forces duty was a big part of Life Day, and it was popular on both sides of the Galactic Civil War.

Among the smallest vote getters were the grinches who did nothing for Life Day. (Fine, be that way!) Quite possibly they had their in-game music turned down because hearing just one small blurb of the Modal Nodes was sure to put even the scroogiest in the holiday mood. But to each their own; just what was it about the Life Day event that did not appeal to these select few?

One visitor organized a Player Event during the Life Day festivities, while a few others put on their holiday finest and attended an event as a guest. One of the strengths of Star Wars Galaxies is the tools available to build storyteller and player events. Such participation should be encouraged and made more readily available to newer players who may not know of these possibilities. Could there be a better way - in game - to advertise such events?

Thanks again to Artoo for giving us the breakdown, and many thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Happy Life Day!

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