Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And Then There Was Kiba

My utopia crashed and burned. Scruffy, despite his inexplicable desire to assault anyone who even thinks about dancing, both he and my dear Amber are both a delight to care for. Scruffy spends his afternoons hopping about the base, sniffing and exploring, while Amber has been working hard on learning her tricks and tactics.
Then there is my kimogila, Kiba. He's but a baby still, I'll grant. But should there not be some level of decorum maintained? As you'll recall, I am an experienced handler of creatures, having raised and trained several fine companions that even saw military action for the Alliance. But Kiba is a beast all to himself.

Where shall I start? Perhaps his refusal to eat almost anything I place before him. Or is it his aversion to performing tricks. He'd rather storm about the base, causing mayhem and damage with his powerful tail.

The other base residents were likely relieved when I announced he was on his way off the base in order to be trained and broken of his poor habits.

Don't read me incorrectly, I love him dearly. He'll grow big and strong and will be an incredible asset for the Alliance. There are only a handful of domesticated kimogilas in all the galaxy. And please, no comments if you will... he IS in fact domesticated despite evidence to the contrary.

And like I said. He's only a baby.

I'm sure he'll be much easier to handle when he's four times the size he is now.

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