Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Shaupaut

For today's memory, I don't have a screencap. I didn't think to take any pictures on this day. I didn't even know you could take pictures. At least not on this day.

This memory is of my first day in beta.

I had gotten through the tutorial area, and elected to land on Naboo at the Theed Starport. I stepped outside and was floored by the number of people. At the time, I thought they were all players, but some were NPCs.

A peko peko was attacking and several players were trying to take it down. As I recall, there were more then a few corpses. I kept my distance.

We could gear up at terminals that the devs had dropped down: weapons, clothing, who knows what else. The terminals were buggy and not very responsive. We all crowded around them anyway, clicking until we got what we wanted.

I geared up and left the city, determined to explore. I was amazed that I could go anywhere I wanted. I went south, I believe. I remember winding up in a very open, grassy plain where something attacked. It was a shaupaut and as much as I wanted to explore, he wanted to eat.

I started blasting with my pistol, not sure what I was doing. And I ran. And ran. And ran. The freaky thing gave chase. Well, saying "gave chase" is an understatement. He practically hitched to my tail-end and rode me half way across Naboo.

Honestly, I don't remember how it all ended. I think I got knocked out. He didn't "death blow" but went back to his spawn point. After some time, I stumbled to my feet, wiser and less brazen then before.

I never forgave that Shaupaut. It would be my nemesis for quite some time. At least until it's interplanetary cousin, the Squill, supplanted him as Vincer's Public Enemy Number 1.

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