Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meanwhile, on Ahazi

While Vincer was stuck on Dathomir (see yesterday's Memory), I was able to still play on the second beta server - Ahazi. Thinking about it again, Vincer was stuck on Dathomir for longer then just day. So I passed the time on Ahazi.

I rolled a crafter this time, based off a character from my offline pen-and-paper game, a botanist/scientist named Varel DeVay. My wife put together a Wookiee, name Wroo.

We started on Talus, just for a change of scenery. Back then, you could find players in all different locations, so even the city of Dearic on Talus would have character running around, forming up, or waiting for a heal.

Pictured above is Varel and Wroo, enjoying some of the city sights. But an earlier picture of Varel is below, as she gives due respect to some of the larger native creatures of the world.

One of the things that really impressed me was how the crafting worked. Within a few minutes, I was able to manually extract resources from the ground and make some mundane object. My name was listed as the crafter, and it had a serial number on it.

I had created a unique item in the game. Well, alright... it was unique because of my name and serial number only. But still... this was pretty cool, right?

Wroo was a scout, focusing on traps and keeping poor Varel alive when we were in the wilds. Rumors around the game were that you could own your own cantina. Now this was something I thought could be fun. So I thought to start building up a customer base.

I'd set up shop behind the bar in the Dearic cantina. Dancers and musicians were putting on shows on the floor while just about any patron that entered was flagged down by me to come straight to the bar for a drink. I'd mix up what I could and even gather a few tips.

Wroo pretended to be a bouncer and in a Life Debt to Varel. We'd put on some light roleplay and kept it loose and fun. One player sent me a tell one day to try to convey to me just how important that was to have a Wookiee Life Debt owed to me. Of course, I knew, but we were really playing it up that Varel wasn't sure what it was or why.

Ah, good times.

Funny how easy it was to make money as a girl toon. Hmm... I wonder if I would ever use that to my advantage?

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