Saturday, June 25, 2011

SWG Memory Lane - Daily?

So SWG is ending. And I find myself caring about it. It may have strayed from my expectations, but in the early days, it was my second home for me, my wife, and the friends we had and made. Now, the days of the game are numbered. I decided to count them down while strolling memory lane.

The goal is to upload one SWG image per day until December 15, 2011 - the ultimate day. I won't be able to keep up with that rate, but I'll be as regular as I can be. (No Fiber for Bloggers, I suppose?) I'll start off with some beta imagery.

Quick Note: Many of my pics were lost during a computer crash. I salvaged a few off of my iPod, but unfortunately they were only low quality from there. But it's not about quality, it's memory.
The beta server I started on was the only one available. A place called Bria. I was excited to begin, but I still had no idea what lay in store.
The first pic I took was me - Vincer Kaden - checking out a parked speeder on Tatooine. At the time, I didn't know there weren't any vehicles yet, and was looking at the detail that was being put into this idle speeder.

Not much to see, but it was the first cap then, so it's the first cap now. I promise that the next few days will also have poor quality images that seem to show nothing worth your time. But they'll continue whether you choose to come back or not. This is for me and SWG now. You're welcome to come along.
EDIT: The pic above wasn't actually the first beta pic. Minutes after posting this entry, I found the honest-to-gosh first pic. It's one of a particularly wretched hive of scum and villainy. I couldn't resist taking the picture as I came upon the city for the first time.


Carol said...

Great idea. I look forward to seeing the rest!

Vayman said...

Thanks. I guess you are a (former?) player? I'd love to read about some of your own memories, too.