Monday, June 27, 2011

Bring Me Captain Solo and the Wookiee!

Even without any global chat, the ripple of excitement made it's way across the beta server: Han and Chewie were in the Mos Eisley cantina! So I rushed there as fast as I could, ready for my first encounter with the characters from the movies and stories I love.

One thing to note: all of the NPC bar patrons did not have their proper names yet. Ahhh... beta. There's something charming about a partially finished game; as long as it's free, of course! Han and Chewie weren't there the next day. I'd catch up with both of them on Lok months later after launch. I've got pics of that, too.

All in due time as we continue this daily trip down the SWG Memory Lane. By my count, I've got about 170 more days to go. I'll run out of days before memories judging by the size of my screencap folder.

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