Friday, January 15, 2010

Look! Up in the Sky!

It’s Fail!


I mean, really. Really?

And while we’re on the subject…


What the HELL is this? Would pixies die if the developers put some – oh, I dunno – Rebel gear into the game that might have appeared in the friggin’ movies?

The rational voice in me says that… well, I think it just phoned in from Hawaii and said “Good luck with your rant.”

The GCW is shaping up to be one of the biggest updates SWG has received in a long time. And yet, my account sits idle and unsubscribed. Why? Well, mostly because my credit card hit it’s planned expiration date and I didn’t get motivated enough to update SOE accounting.

But mostly… I find myself ambivalent. As the GCW development unfolded, I came to realize that it will NEVER be what I want. It can’t be, and that’s through no fault of the devs.

It’s going to be another grind, right? Another race to the reward. Ho-hum. Pointless combat is pointless. The Rebels win in the end. I want to care. Really, I do. But I think I’d rather stay away and be unsure of the disappointment then face a reality where I leap in and encounter it for certain.

Good luck, Imperials. You’re gonna need it. But then again, the Rebel capes don’t look much better.

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