Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Loyalty Repaid?

The veteran reward system falls short of its intended design of rewarding players for their continued loyalty since they don't disqualify non-paid months. So just what does SOE do to thank players for their loyalty? Should they even?

SOE is a for-profit company, so their desire to maximize their revenue is to be expected. I do find it disconcerting that they have deviated from their original business plan and model in regards to Star Wars Galaxies in order to achieve the maximum bottom line.

At some time, within the last decade, SOE and LA sat together and hashed out a plan to make a really cool and complex MMO based on the Star Wars intellectual property. With dollar signs blinking in their eyes, they went to work and delivered on that plan. Say what you will about the original release, it generated interest and subscriptions.

Combat Upgrades, NGEs, ill-advised implementations of Jedi, and the like could not truly bring the game to its knees despite those who persistently duck for cover from falling skies. The reason that SWG has been able to weather the storms that SOE inflicted could be attributed to the fact that said changes were at least within the realm of the original business plan: Make a Star Wars MMO.

I do not need SOE to reward me with gifts for my loyalty. I do not expect them to personally address all of my needs and wants for my toons. I do not expect them to grant me free playtime, additional slots, or fancy titles.

But I do need SOE to return to the business plan that brought me to their doorstep in the first place. Make a Star Wars MMO about life in the galaxy post-Battle of Yavin. The Rebellion has proven that they are a capable force. The Galaxy is at war. The Empire is divided.

Deliver this to me and you shall continue to have my loyalty.

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