Thursday, March 5, 2009

Did You Notice: Loot Card Lashback

Did you notice that more and more combat-profession players are asking for the loot card items to instead be given to crafters? Ships, structures and vehicles seem to be a recurring theme, but it won't be long before combat gear is snuck into the deck as well. Not to mention that beasts have been included in the latest "go 'round" of the SOE Money Grab.

Such a shame, really. SWG was really starting to turn the corner with some excellent devs and a slight upward turn in the subscription numbers if my perception is any indication, of course. Then the land us with the TCG that no one wanted - even those who say they love it now.

The TCG community manager recently announced that the loot items themselves are developed by SOE Austin. Turns out - as if we didn't know - that the TCG is, in fact, impacting SWG in some capacity. For shame, SOE. For shame.

The lashback is ongoing and likely will continue.

So... did you notice?

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