Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Spies Like... Who?

After months and months of the entire SWG community asking for updates to their respective professions - especially engineers who have been really given the Death Star shaft - we finally get the Spy update that is so desperately needed.

And if that last statement didn't drip with enough sarcasm for you, well I did try to temper it a little to try to stay as objective as possible.

That said, at least it wasn't a Jedi update or there might have been a riot.

All that out of the way, objectivity and reduced sarcasm is now thrown out the hatch.

Seriously, did Spies really need this level of attention when Engineers, Entertainers, Politicians and Pilots (why not?) need so much attention it's ridiculous. Not to mention smugglers who have tired of delivering pizza. Let's lump in Bounty Hunters, too. Weren't they "Blixtev'd" within the past year or so? Hell, the Scientist NPCs have been "creature handled" into oblivion.

Were Spies broken? Breaking? Broke? Dotanuki plays a Spy, right? Smedley? I'd suggest George Lucas is a Master Spy when he logs on, but I am now 100% convinced that there is an elaborate plan set into constant motion that keeps him completely oblivious to the existence of Star Wars Galaxies.

That would explain why there aren't any retail boxes on store shelves: George may wander into a Best Buy and inquire as to what it is that he's seeing. To which Rick McCallum (because you know he would be pushing the shopping cart) would respond "I'll destroy them all for you George. Or buy them all for you. Or build a pyramid of them. Command me, Lord!"

Hey spies need some love as much as the next profession. Except, it doesn't look much like there is going to BE a next profession to receive said love (and with the Festival of Love around the corner, too. Holiday spirit, my arse.) Seems that SOE would rather release a new expertise tree - Droid Commander - before rounding up all the needs and wants of the existing professions and at least throwing them a bone or two.

Where's that promised continued development on space? The promised new structure schematic colors? Have we already forgotten to push for the rest of the Invisible Items for our Appearance Tab? And just where is the Gameplay Senator? If we find him, do we find the missing NPC scientists at the same time?

Makes you wonder.

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