Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sarlacc Snacks: The First Meal

The all-powerful sarlacc (or at least the little baby beast that someone shoe-horned into a barrel) arrives anonymously and hungry. These little monsters chew junk and crap gold - or at least collection items. The general concensus is that there is a method to the madness and the same diet over a four week time - when repeated - will always net the same collection item.

And so we begin the feeding frenzy, tracked here for your convenience. Likely someone already has an official guide underway, but time is not on our side this time. It may take months before we really figure out what this biological trash can is capable of pooping. (Which really means that once we figure out how to get the really valuable collection items, the level of AFK-junk-collecting is going to go triple as folks look for the proper combination of junk pieces. Surprised? Why would you be?)

So this time around, I happened to have a tool kit in my inventory when I stuffed the beast into the corner where it shall live. I noted that it also would accept grub bait, but I didn't trust that as proper junk to receive anything from. So I dump the tool kit into its gaping maw, wait for the burp and then verified that it'll take a week for the kit to be digested, rather then the thousand years required for the more venerable of the species.

We'll check back in a week and see what else this thing is willing to snack on.

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