Friday, January 16, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Jedi Armor

Does it really upset non-Jedi gameplay and immersion so much that appearance-only armor might be considered for Jedi? People really do obsess about this profession to an unhealthy degree. Seriously, what difference does it make if Jedi are afforded the same customization options that are available to others; that were available to them prior to being forced into a staring profession?

And for those who want to flip it around and say that the non-Jedi should be allowed to wear Jedi robes? Pfft. Go ahead! Why should Jedi be the only ones who look ridiculously out of place when they wear them?

A compromise would be to create Jedi-specific, non-statted armor; pieces that might echo those worn by Jedi in the Clone Wars cartoon or in the other media (Star Wars Legacy?). But of course, if Jedi get any sort of treatment the native revolt and will either fight to block such an feature or demand they they get these new non-effect armor pieces as well.

If everyone spent half as much time worrying about their own profession rather then the trivial matters pertaining to Jedi requests, the game would run far smoother.

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