Friday, January 2, 2009

Classic SWG: Monthly Story Arcs

Shortly after the launch of Star Wars Galaxies, SOE began a series of monthly story arcs for both Rebel and Imperial players. The compiled results of each side were compared and one side would be deemed "the winner". The missions brought players together to work towards their common goals. On Starsider, the Rebellion was victorious during the start of the "Cries of Alderaan" quest, awarding bonus Rebel points when normally earned.

The story arc must have been too costly, since it did not lose popularity. Only months into the game, the arcs were abandoned.

Here we see Vincer turning in a coded message to an agent of the Rebellion in Coronet, but what you can't hear is a small music clip that made the event seem momentous. (Apparently it's the little things that count.) The entire squad (the V-Squad) worked together to acquire the various pieces. There was a room in the lower level of the guild hall that was littered with the various pieces and those in the guild were permitted to take what they wanted and leave their extras.

To this day, the Decoder used to decipher the message which was shared by the entire guild, sits in Vincer's office, a memento to times past and a potential future.

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