Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vincer's Journal: Echo Base Under Attack

I received a distressing communication today while at Oracle Base. I intercepted an encoded message that I set my protocol droid HR2-SRV to deciphering straight away.

After many stressful minutes, the silver-plated droid reported that the message came from the main Alliance base on Hoth, codenamed Echo Base. The Empire managed to locate the headquarters after distributing probe droids around the galaxy.

The bases general was able to put up a planetary shield and intends to use the ion cannon to cover the retreat, but the Imperials have implemented a ground assault that will press the base on two fronts.

It could be a dark day for the Alliance if the Rebels are defeated at Hoth. I am forwarding a new encoded message to all neighboring Rebel cells in an effort to organize relief efforts. I should also stress to any Rebels who will receive this message to avoid the Hoth system at all costs, as it's crawling with Imperials; even if the fleet there is led by the clumsy Admiral Ozzel.

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