Sunday, October 14, 2007

SWG Thought of the Day: Level 100

So there are rumors of SOE adding 10 more levels to our characters in an upcoming chapter. A rumor, sure, but these sort of things always have a way of being true.

SWG does not need 10 more levels; SWG needs 10 new ways to customize our characters. Instead of awarding experience points to move toward level 100, offer experience points that can be used to specialize our characters: Carbine Specialization, Buffer Extraordinaire, Starship Engineer Legend, and the like. New schematics, new abilities, so on and so forth.

With Level 100, we would see that adding health, attribute values, damage mitigation and also lowering the aggro chance simply means that PvE becomes easier again, grinding turns back into mindless boredom, and we stretch the thin content further.

I hope this rumor is completely false.

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