Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Walking Tour: Oracle Base Animal Nursery

Oracle Base's Animal Nursery is located on the outskirts of the base, so as to keep it away from the hustle and bustle of the main structures. A small garden is just next door. The inset pictures show some of the advanced equipment that Dr. Cyra Sedaris uses to reprocess creature enzymes for use in the incubator.

Inside, the nursery has all the necessary creature comforts, including food, colorful posters on the wall, a bookshelf with the full collection of "How To's" and pet owner manuals, stuffed toys (a dewback is pictured), as well as an "Oopsie Rug" - a woven piece of fabric with the Imperial emblem stitched in. The baby pets use this until they are completely housebroken.

Adjoining the playroom is the lab proper. Rather small, it still contains all the required tools and equipment of the bio-engineering trade. Four large containers hold the raw enzymes and DNA, while two smaller chests (not pictured) afford scientists a place to keep the processed enzymes safe and at a regulated temperature until needed in an incubation cycle.

The incubator is a marvel of modern science. Numerous starship engineers - some of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy - were tapped to design the schematics that are widely used to create the Incubator. From the controls in the front, a scientist can add the correct enzymes, alter the temperature and manipulate the egg in the center tube during the several-day process. The incubator above shows a plains tusk cat nearing the final stages.

All of the science in the galaxy means nothing without scientists to tend to it. At Oracle Base, Cyra Sedaris acts as the Chief Scientist, bringing her extensive bio-engineering skills with her. Here, we see Cyra manipulating the temperature gauge for a durni in it's last incubation cycle. I keep a safe distance back, lest I be a distraction.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of The Walking Tour.

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